Selfie culture has changed the way we perceive our social interactions and ourselves, taking over as one of the most powerful means for self-expression and self-imagining. 

By performing and interacting with others at Four Elements Fitness Art Series adorned with selfie sticks, I am playing with centering myself in notions of grandeur, power and admiration, as well as inviting judgment, ‘selfie-shaming’ and self-shame. Navigating internal and external (social) spaces, the gym is an ideal setting for me to draw the connection between fitness, self-care, self-conjuring and empowerment while occupying the space in an almost invasive way to create a database of a curated reality.

video: Solo Native

Like Me

I wear a wig and paint myself all white to reference mime performance. The ceramic pieces that are social media symbols are white as well.
I sit in front of the camera and pose in an attempt to make the audience "like me".


One channel video installation. I take clothes out of the bag, smell it, fold it and put it back in the bag. I repeat this action several times. This piece is installed as a looping video on a tv screen.


Brandcoholic, walks into a room full of bags and experience pure bliss. She chews off few bags and celebrates true happiness in her small little world.